Is Your Association Vibrant Enough to Adapt to Change?

by Star Consulting, Inc. Oradell, NJ

Why do some organizations grow in membership, resources, and energy? Why do others drift into malaise or, worse, extinction?

“An association’s vibrancy is in the hands of its leadership,” says Michael Isaacs, founder and president of Star Consulting, Inc. “It is important for association presidents and boards of directors to know how to motivate volunteers and identify the future leaders of an organization.

Isaacs, with training as an attorney and in organizational dynamics, has worked with association leaders in a variety of fields including legal, medical, library science, education, finance, hospitality, food service, home improvement, sports, and convention centers. He manages and consults with association, along with the staff of Star Consulting, Inc. in Oradell.

Star Consulting Inc. provides organizational consulting and management services to associations and corporations of all sizes. Their services include:

  • Event and Program Planning
  • Communications/Marketing
  • Leadership Support
  • Professional Education
  • Motivational Speakers and Workshops
  • Membership/Business Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Operations

Outgrowing An All-Volunteer Force

“Often an organization grows beyond the capacity of its volunteer workforce,” explains Isaacs. “This is a critical point that can break an association. That is where our staff can take it to the next level to provide a turnkey operation for organizational support. We maintain membership databases, send out and receive communications, and answer calls and questions. At the same time, we work with volunteers who can focus their energy to help their organizations grow.

Event Planning

“Events and professional education seminars are an important way to keep an organization vibrant,” says Sally Isaacs, director of Star Consulting’s events and communications. “This is where the group’s identity and goals meets the public.” Star currently manages a range of events from monthly board meetings to the largest continuing legal education program in intellectual property in New York City. Star also arranges for expert speakers and workshops in the field of employee motivation. “We have excellent relationships with hotels, clubs, and caterers through the metropolitan area. We can take on the details – from venue negotiations to invitation to follow-up – to be sure an event showcases a group’s positive image.”

Cost-Saving Services for Membership

Star Consulting, Inc. can offer innovative benefits programs for its clients and their members. These include credit data, credit carding processing (with low costs and first-class service), and virtual communities.

Associations cannot grow on “automatic pilot.” Success requires working with the big picture as well as the intricate strategies and details. Leaders need to be open to new connections and possibilities and to “course adjustments and corrections” on their organization’s path.”

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