About NJBN – New Jersey Business Network

NJBN – The New Jersey Business Network –  is comprised of approximately 30 carefully screened and selected companies, represented by individual owners, partners, salespeople and associates who are experienced leaders in their fields. NJBN members provide a wide range of products, services and expertise to other NJBN members, their clients and business associates.

Our Goal:

The goal of the New Jersey Business Network is to develop strong interactive relationships among our members, who represent non-competing businesses, by working with one another to exchange new business opportunities. All NJBN members share a common commitment, “To offer our clients and referrals superior products and services.”

We successfully achieve our goal by networking extensively among NJBN members and insure that any opportunity or client recommendation passed within the NJBN be handled professionally, ethically and with our best effort. Our Commitment to Excellence insures that The New Jersey Business Network continues to be recognized as one of the premier business groups in New Jersey.

The Benefits to Our Prospects and Clients:

reliability, credibility, and convenience. When in need of any service or product, you no longer have to research, interview or try your luck flipping through the telephone book. NJBN is a premiere source for finding professionals dedicated to superior service. That’s because it takes more than an office and business card to become an NJBN member. It takes a proven commitment to quality in the services and products we offer. Our track record of satisfied, loyal customers speaks for itself.


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