Three Principles of a Successful Automated Attendant

An automated attendant greeting is the first impression callers have of your company.  When designed properly, it helps manage the flow of incoming calls, adds a professional touch and allows staff members to focus on tasks at hand.  Your callers are likely to respond positively if your automated attendant is implemented with the following tips in mind….

Fewer Auto Attendant Options

Limit your greeting to five selections or less….Callers get frustrated by greetings that are too wordy.

Allow Dial “0” Option

There is nothing more annoying to your callers than a greeting with no way out!  During normal business hours, they should always be able to speak to a live person.  Be sure to have an option to dial “0” for a live operator.

Pre-Planning is Essential

In order to have a successful automated attendant and have your callers routed properly, pre-planning is essential.  Deciding what options to present to a caller; composing a greeting that is concise and understandable is vital.

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